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Overcome Obstacles Holding you Back

Learn mindset techniques and practical strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

  • Are procrastination and negative self-talk holding you back?
  • Do stress and anxiety limit your effectiveness in the workplace?
  • Does it feel as if you’re constantly sabotaging your own potential for success?

These are all common problems which can prevent you from getting the most out of your professional life.

I understand the pain and frustration that they can cause. I have dealt with many people just like you who were struggling with these issues.

The good news is that they can be overcome without radical treatment. All of the solutions you need are inside of you.

My name is Paul Jozsef, I am a business coach and counsellor. My job is to get your professional life on track and help you to enjoy working again.

When we team up, we will go beyond analyzing your past and envisioning a better future. I will help you to actively create that future – pushing you to go further, achieve more, and holding you accountable every step of the way.

I’ll challenge your long-held, self-defeating beliefs about you and your place in the world. Then we will replace them with a more positive, proactive mindset. This will throw open the door for greater levels of success in both your work and personal life.

You can think of my role as similar to that of a boxing coach. There’s a virtually unlimited well of potential inside of you. It simply needs someone to tap it and draw it out. I will be in your corner, preparing you, reassessing and refocusing after every round. Together we’ll overcome your unique obstacles, one at a time. It’s a simple but highly effective step-by-step approach to get you to achieve your business goals.

Identify & Implement Patterns of Successful Behaviour

To be clear, I am not a ‘motivational’ coach or social media guru.

I’m a qualified psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer. My methods are based on established empirical techniques.

When I work with you we will use Solution-Focused Therapy (see FAQ below) to get you to push past the mental obstacles that are holding you back. This is a powerful technique that you can practice for the rest of your life.

You’ll find that my style is clear and direct. I don’t pretend to have miracle solutions or quick fixes. Instead, we use hard work and accountability to deliver well-earned success.

I want us to take pride in your victories and learn from your mistakes.

There are typically four stages to my approach:

  • 1) Goals: define your long-term ambitions and align them with your core values.
  • 2) Obstacles: discover what’s holding you back and how to push past these barriers.
  • 3) Strategies: establish realistic, proactive steps to use every day to achieve your goals.
  • 4) Accountability: full notes, actionable tasks and progress check-ins between sessions.

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"I’ve been meeting and exchanging ideas with Paul for several months. During this time, he has helped me focus my ideas and move forward to achieving my goals in a precise and meaningful fashion. I’ve been able to isolate what are the most important goals for me and as a result my objectives have pivoted. I am very grateful for Paul’s impact."
D. N., Account Executive

Qualifications and Professional Associations

  • Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)

I’ve helped clients to achieve improvements in many areas of their business and professional lives. Among the most commonly cited benefits are:

  • Overcoming procrastination and self-defeating beliefs.
  • Improved confidence and emotional intelligence.
  • Better prepared to take on new roles and challenges.
  • Increased mental resilience and more harmonious work-life balance.
  • Achieve set goals and milestones.

I want you to surmount the roadblocks that are currently limiting your growth and development. Once you’re able to do this, you will discover a greater freedom for living life on your own terms.

I also want to make working together as convenient for you as possible. We can meet at a location of your choice and plan sessions according to your schedule. My hours are 8am to 8pm Monday-Friday and 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Sessions can be held at your office, my office in Westmount, or online via Google Hangouts.

I strongly encourage us to stay in contact between sessions via email. This will make you more accountable and can lead to a faster overall pace of progress.

If you require more information about what’s involved or want to want to know more about my services, please contact me using the link below.


What can I expect during the first session?
At our first session, we will talk about your concerns and current challenges. What are these and how are they affecting your work and life? We’ll also clarify your goals and expectations for coaching. You will have a chance to find out more about how I work and can ask me any other questions.

Will you guarantee results for me?
I don’t make grandiose gestures or promises I can’t keep. I won’t tell you that my treatment will get you rich quickly or make you wildly successful. What I will do, however, is help you overcome the issues that are constraining your success. If you keep your side of the bargain then we will achieve this together.

I feel slightly uncomfortable … how do I know if it’s for me?
Ultimately it’s up to you to decide. I offer a free 20-minute consultation so you can address any doubts that you might have before starting treatment. My promise is that I will always work with non-judgemental compassion, empathy and a belief in your ability. I’m also bound by confidentiality, and to the code of ethics of CCPA.

What actually is Solution-Focused Therapy?
Rather than examining the past, this treatment finds answers in the current moment and explores your future aspirations. We assume you already know what you need to do to get what you want out of life. Solution-Focused Therapy probes and coaxes the best solutions from you using examples of times when you’ve succeeded in the past.

If you have any questions or queries about my services, please get feel free to contact me.

"I've worked with Paul for several months. Over the course of our sessions, Paul has helped me clarify my goals and work through my mental blocks. With Paul's help, I now have a different perspective on how things can be done and achieved."
D. B., Counsellor

Book a Coaching Session or Schedule a Free 20-minute Phone Consultation

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